Enduring Principles

The Essence, Heart, and Soul of our Faith Community

God's revelation in Jesus Christ and continuing presence through the Holy Spirit, as proclaimed by Scripture, is the foundation of our faith, identity, mission, message, and beliefs.

We do our best to uphold these principles as a faithful response to our heritage and our continuing experience with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. 

Worth of All Persons

God views all people as having inestimable and equal worth. 

God wants all people to experience wholeness of body, mind, spirit, and relationships. 

All Are Called

God graciously gives people gifts and opportunities to do good and to share in God's purposes.

Some disciples are called and ordained to particular priesthood responsibilities and ministries for the sake of the community, the congregation, and the world. 

Unity in Diversity

Community of Christ is a diverse, international family of disciples, seekers, and congregations. 

We seek agreement or common consent in important matters. If we cannot achieve agreement, we commit to ongoing dialogue and lovingly uphold our common faith in Jesus Christ and the mission of the church. 

Grace and Generosity

Having received God's generous grace, we respond generously and graciously receive the generosity of others. 

We share our witness, resources, ministries, and sacraments according to our true capacity. 

Sacredness of Creation

God is still creating to fulfill divine purpose.

We join with God as stewards of care and hope for all creation.  

Pursuit of Peace

We courageously and generously share the peace of Jesus Christ with others. 

We celebrate God's peace wherever it appears or is being pursued by people of good will. 

Responsible Choices

God gives humans the ability to make choices about whom or what they will serve.  

We are called to make responsible choices within the circumstances of our lives that contribute to the purposes of God. 

Blessings of Community

The gospel of Jesus Christ is expressed best in community life where people become vulnerable to God's grace and each other. 

True community upholds the worth of persons while providing a healthy alternative to self-centeredness, isolation, and conformity. 

Continuing Revelation

God graciously reveals divine will today as in the past.

In humility, individually and in community, we prayerfully listen to understand God's will for our lives, the church, and creation more completely.