What to Expect

Welcome! Our Sunday services are packed with personality and variety. Music, scripture, meditation, prayers, and fellowship can all be found. We hope you feel welcome during your first visit. Here is some basic information to help you feel more comfortable. 

Please see our calendar for a Zoom link if you wish to join us virtually.

Where to go when you arrive

The side doors east of the parking lot are most commonly used. You're welcome to enter through either door. You'll find yourself in the Fellowship Hall, and if you join us at 10:00, you'll most likely see people preparing for Sunday School. Walk straight through to the Sanctuary.

You can also enter our main foyer door on the south side of the building. From there, walk straight ahead to the Sanctuary for worship services, or turn right down the hallway to find Sunday School classes. 

Main Foyer from the South Entrance

East Entrance--use either door

What to wear

Dress on Sunday leans toward casual; however, you will find people dressed in their Sunday best and others in blue jeans, t-shirts, and flip flops. Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable; we are just glad you came! 

Sunday School

If you're joining us for Sunday School, you'll find us in the Fellowship Hall (on the east side of the building). In this less-formal gathering, adults engage in study and discussion on a variety of topics relating to discipleship and a life of faith, including church history and doctrine and current social issues. 

Sunday School runs from 10:00-10:50. Come a few minutes early to grab a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, and join us for an engaging discussion in the round.

Separate classes are offered for children.

Services for children

Children are an important part of our congregation. We cherish the ministry shared by persons of all ages, and this includes our children. You will find children participating in worship services in a variety of ways.

Classes are offered on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. for the following ages:

For your child's safety--all persons working with children and youth are required to have a current Youth Worker Certification, and all classes and activities are facilitated by teams of at least two adults.

​Children are always welcome during the 11 a.m. worship. We provide small activity bags for each child to use during worship service. There is also a small playroom at the back of the Sanctuary with window access so you can observe your child at all times. 

Worship Services are usually held in the Sanctuary

Worship Services

Expect variety. Because the services are planned by a variety of people and the service leadership and participants change from week to week, no two services will ever be exactly alike. Some will be more traditional, others more contemporary, and most somewhere in-between. All will provide opportunity for you to share in music, scripture, and challenging words of hope, faith, and the love of Jesus Christ.

You can typically expect to see these elements:

Joys and Concerns  Anyone in attendance is invited to share. We love to celebrate and mourn together, and we generally uphold both of these things in prayers of supplication and gratitude. 

Prayer for Peace  A daily Prayer for Peace is held in the Temple in Independence Missouri where we uphold a different world nation each day. During our Sunday worship, we participate in the Prayer for Peace with congregations all over the church.

Hymns  The congregation sings 3-4 songs during a worship service. Our hymnal, Community of Christ Sings!, features inclusive hymns with songs on peace, diversity, social justice, sacredness of creation, and much more.

Prayers  Some prayers are written, others are not. We generally stand for the opening and closing prayers and hymns.

Spiritual Practice  We try to spend a few minutes each Sunday morning engaging in a spiritual practice together. This may take the form of guided meditation, centering prayer, or just a chance to slow down and breathe.

Focus Moment  This part of our service is just for the kids! As they are comfortable, children gather at the front of the sanctuary for a quick lesson or story and are handed activity bags they can play with throughout the service.

Readings  Most weeks we have some kind of reading. Sometimes it's a scripture, a poem, or an interactive reading with the congregation.

Sermon  Our congregation follows the Revised Common Lectionary. Each week, we visit a passage from one of the Gospels and center our message around it.

Disciples' Generous Response  Commonly called an offering, the Disciples' Generous Response is the time for the congregation to respond to God's generosity. A short message is given, a prayer is offered and plates are passed through the congregation. There is no obligation to contribute. In Community of Christ, we do not tell members how much to give, but encourage giving to our true capacity. You can use the envelopes provided in each pew to designate where you'd like your contribution to go. Undesignated cash contributions will be used for local congregational expenses. 

Communion  is served on the first Sunday of every month. Learn more about this practice on our Sacraments page.


If you have additional questions about visiting our congregation, please check our FAQ or feel free to contact us.